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- Excerpt -

"My first introduction to the guitar was from my Father, when he occasionally ran through a few jazz standards while simultaneously whistling the tune, usually on a Sunday morning in a vein attempt to get me out of bed. He had played in a 'mess-swing' band while serving in the RAF during the '40's."

"Pink Floyd performing The Wall at Earls Court '81 in London, which included a chat with Nick Mason backstage after the show, was a major stepping stone in cementing my interest in all aspects of making music. The audio-visual experience of such a show, especially at age 13yrs, was more than enough inspiration for a lifetime."

"From then on I commandeered my Dad's acoustic guitar ('Harmony' 1955 Archtop 'f-hole' - see gallery Pic),  and barely left it alone until Dad got so 'fed up' not having his guitar, he bought me my first. A 'VOX Custom 25' (see Gallery pic.), a very heavy, 25-fret Strat copy with a maple fretboard & Di-Marzio pickups; a heavy sound to match the weight..... "

"Over time I naturally gravitated towards a Fender and now my main guitar is a 2017 USA 'Pro series' Vanilla White Stratocaster. My backup is 2005 USA 'Standard' Strat. Both 'off-the-shelf' with no customisation. I'm also using a Fender USA Telecaster, 'Maple Tiger Burst' which has custom wiring and bridge pickup. Acoustic guitars, both steel and nylon strung are made by Godin in Canada. These are my main 'working' guitars. My other guitars which I don't usually take out and play live, I do use in the studio and are shown with descriptions on the Gallery page of my website."

"In 1987 I landed a job at Marcus Recording studios, then in Kensington Gardens Square, off Westbourne Grove in London, before moving to Wyfold Road in Fulham, South London. Owned by the Swedish ex.'Pop' star of the sixties outfit 'TELSTARS', Marcus Osterdahl. While there, I was fortunate enough to assist on some significant sessions; Robert Plant - 'NOW & ZEN' (personally witnessing Jimmy Page recording guitar solos in the control room of Studio 1 with Robert Plant giving performance suggestions between takes); Another particular memory is having long chats with Steve Howe (Guitarist - YES; ASIA & Solo albums) either while I was setting up mics for his amps and guitars, or when having a 'jazz-cigarette' watching T.V. during recording downtime. Some priceless conversations, talking at length about guitar playing techniques and Django Reinhardt."

"Having re-joined the ‘real’ world leaving Marcus studios, I joined a semi-pro band called Urban Clearway. Gigging around the West End of London, notable venues including: The Rock Garden - Covent Garden; Jazz Cafe - Camden; Half Moon - Putney; Sound (Republic) - Leicester Sq.; Walthamstow Town Hall - Support for Edwin Starr, 1999."

“….  we all gradually moved on to different things. Myself & Peter Williams (Bass) embarked on recording & production sessions for singer/songwriter’s, before Peter moved to Denmark and I setup my own studio in the UK."

I usually have numerous 'projects' in progress, both recording and live gigs, information for which will be posted on my website with links to other associated websites.

Excerpts taken from the forthcoming book to be released in early 2022.

- Having started the autobiographical writing process i realised I had far more to deal with. I have decided to write a more detailed and altogether, more in-depth version. This inevitably will take longer but more importantly, will result in being that much more honest and complete. - I have therefore extended the release date to early 2022 - 


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